I Need A Pedicure©️

When Kids Return to College, A Mom’s Perspective

(Updated 1-9-19)

My kids are very adept at packing. I raised them to be organized and due to divorce, they’ve had to pack.

From a learning perspective, it’s been been a positive experience. They learned at young ages and became independent packers daily for school and any event.

Now at 19 and 22, it’s packing for college to home to college; equestrian competitions; internships; music festivals around the country: European trips; sleep overs to fishing; to organizing their own apartments.

How organized are they? Well, they are different, in interesting ways and reasons, but they get the job done.

My son’s girlfriend considers organization as “an important trait and a reason she’s been successful in college.” She’s considering it as a side business.

Both of my children can pack in under ten minutes yet their styles are completely different. My daughter can pack for a team of 12 horses and riders.

My son laughed out loud when I mentioned my observations, watching each pack and leave at different times. From day one, he has the best laugh!

It’s a roller coaster of emotions when they come back and forth from school and I watch them come and go.

Each time, which is only a matter of a few months, they individually grow and change. I change. The pets change (two dogs, three cats and a bird when they’re all here).

Even the house changes. It’s clean with a quiet environment for work and life. In less than five minutes it’s filled with sports, DJ sounds of a mixing board to notes of a piano that fill the air, and the staircase steps fill with shoes. Most of the pets end up in my room.

They leave, and in an instant the one dog who permanently lives here is passed out on my feet. I totally understand how she’s feeling at these moments and she’s feeling my vibes.

When I look down at her, I realize I need a pedicure. I’m exhausted from a family medical emergency, juggling a completely full holiday break with no attention to myself. I neglected myself. That is a huge no-no for a happy life.

I realize that understanding change and embedding this in your soul is the best way to keep your balance.

Kids leaving the roost is a huge change. It starts as “empty nesting,” but then frees you to be whoever you want to be now. It frees you for pedicures any time you can treat yourself.

I’m not a fan of change. A lot of meditation has helped me delve into my fears of change. I’m grateful for the tools I learned through guided meditation. They are liberating and help me be the best mom I can be, always and forever. I learned that change bonds us together so I can let them free.

People obviously cope with changes, big and small, in different ways. I finally comprehend that you must keep growing, then change will be delightfully freshening and surprising. “There is nothing so stable as change.” ©️

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Making My Bed…Mama Made Me©️

Understanding Morning Grief

Growing up it was instilled in me to immediately make my bed in the morning. The habit stuck and research shows doing this is very common among successful people.

After experiencing breast cancer, various other surgeries and what I dub, “The year of death,” getting out of the bed was the goal.

I was completely filled to the rim with anxiety. There was no room for self-love, passion or energy.

Depicted above is my cat just not feeling the bed making vibes either. Animals are so in-tune to human emotions.

My doctors described it as morning grief: an uncontrollable panic attack filled with debilitating tears the very second you open your eyes. I only told my doctors and two friends about the situation in which I found myself.

My psychologist asked that I try to do three simple things per day and progress from there on better days.

Getting out of bed was one. Making the bed was two. I was never quite sure what the third act would be.

Flash forward about one year, an amazing life coach gently opened my heart again and lessened the grief. I learned coping skills from her, a new way to think, felt love from key people and most importantly pulled it together for my children in college and my adoring pets. Someone has to walk the dog!

I’m proud to say that I don’t wake up hysterical anymore. I meditate every night and morning along with prayer. I make my bed even if there’s a big cat lump in the middle.

There are no words for the immense gratitude to the doctors, my amazing coach and friends who understood and pulled me through.

If you’re suffering in any way, reach out for help. Please know there are solutions. And when possible, it’s always good to make your bed.

Eternally blessed & grateful – Me ©️

EAD Creations ™️

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New Year Unveils Updated Cover Uncover the Experience

It was an exciting project creating Unbreakable Spirit with 12 amazing women. Our collective purpose is sharing our experiences, good and bad, in support of women. With gratitude to Sisterhood Folios, Creative Publishing, this book went to #1 Internationally.

This exciting achievement is now included on the cover, updated by Creative Publishing, Carol Starr and her Publishing team. Available with a series of #1 sellers on Amazon.

Happy New Year to us ladies. Let’s do it again! ©️

Gratefully yours ✌️

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Time Is A Unifying Gift©️

Celebrating the passage of time is my favorite “holiday.” This is a time in which most desire blessed memories of what has passed, welcome the best of times, and pray for more time.

Time: past, present and future. It’s not a religion, and it’s not a political view. Time is now and what we make of it. Time is what we have, can help heal and speed away unexpectedly. Treasure all the moments you’re offered by time.

Around the world, we collectively rejoice, love, kiss and pray. Time is treasured at this moment, as we treasure each other. Time is a gift. Celebrate it now and and every tick-tock you hear. 1-1-2019©️

Live, love, play ©️

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Five Women Walk in A Bar

Five attractive ladies walk in the bar. Two are besties forever (ok). Two can’t stop gossiping about the other three in front of them (truth). One is drinking to kill the drama (oh yes).

My hope this new year and every year is friends will lift each other up instead of throwing each other overboard. I’ll never waste a vacation again.

My dream is for peace in this hostile world. I pray for a world where my children are safe, blessed, loved, respected, and supported by the best of friends especially if I’m not here. My vacations will be with them.

My goal is to create moments that will send me flying into a new phase of my life. I’ll surround myself with true love, real people, creative, thoughtful and positive people. I’ll write and sell more books, think out of the box, and build strength that no one can touch. I’ll plan awesome vacations. All work and no play is never good.

Wishing you great love, wonderful friends, and a healthy, prosperous New Year 2019.

Live, love, play! 2019 ©️

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Virtual Hugs to the Alone You

Merry Christmas to my friends reading today and throughout the New Year. I know in my soul that many are “home for the holidays,” but alone. Perhaps you are often alone.

Many times it happens for very important, explainable reasons. Sometimes it’s just life. I’d love you to know you’re not alone. Love yourself today and be a gift to yourself.

Smile & laugh. Relax your face, unhinge your jaw and bring a slight smile to the corners of your mouth. All around, families display the perfect picture yet life is never perfect.

Open your mind to what is gratefully imperfect. Forgive if you need for it is freeing. Most of all, love yourself and smile at that beautiful face in the mirror looking back at you. “Aloneness is the presence of oneself.”

Enjoy your day and be open to possibilities. ©️

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