Electrifying Energy and Big Decisions Expected — August Astrology

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Without question the most important date to note in August is the eighth. This is the day referred to as Lionsgate.

Around this time you will see the star system Sirius align with Orion‘s belt as the sun is in sign of Leo. The fun, colorful and energetic character of Leo’s lion will be evident. As summer heats up, the desire to enjoy life is huge but blockers are foreseeable.

According to some astrologers, it is possible to witness the stars alignment with the Egyptian pyramids of Giza. It is this point where the earth is in alignment with the galactic center of the universe allowing the most energetically powerful portal to open and enhance our intuitions. This is known as Lionsgate.

The eighth is also important for a number of reasons in astrology. Here’s a quick summary of things you might want to note and the dates.

August 8: The new moon transits through Leo and the corresponding energy will last approximately 28 hours. Lunar cycles last approximately 29 days. During this new moon, the sun and moon are in aspect with the southern lunar node which represents “what needs to be let go of,” or, “on what to shine the light.”

Uranus, known for change, is in a squared aspect to the sun which some astrologers say points to “unexpected changes” in our lives and quite likely in weather – electrifying weather patterns.

At the same time, Saturn is moving into opposition of the sun and moon. Saturn represents Aquarius and freedom. But in this opposing position, Saturn gives energy to “putting the brakes on something,” and bringing in authority. While the sun in Leo loves the joy and fun in life, Saturn now puts “significant pressure” on desires, plans, wants, and travels.

There may be intense energy resulting in meteorological, environmental or other aspects that possibly enforces compulsory requirements personally or on a larger scale.

Astrologers also note that Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all in retrograde which tends to influence “what can be controlled” and highlights “what to avoid” to benefit by the end of the month.

Chiron, which represents health, is also in retrograde which means that making good decisions around the eighth in all aspects of life will result in better outcomes by the next new moon. Again, bad decisions will also be highlighted at the end of the month. Your intuition is enhanced by Lionsgate to guide you for the highest good.

August 10-11: The moon will transit through Mars and Venus during this time. Mars influences our actions and reactions. Venus represents love and all good things. Together they leave a message that great things come from love and when motivated by love. Neptune is in opposition to this transit and highlights that unwise decisions made earlier will rise up at the end of the month.

August 12: Vesta, an asteroid which represents harmony, opposes Chiron (a minor planet which helps heal from pain). This opposition destabilizes the sense of health, what is feared, and emphasizes uncertainties. It is also noted this is a very hot time of year and, as Uranus begins to opposes Saturn, the atmosphere will be heating up even more than usual.

August 20-21: Uranus (in sign of Taurus) will begin a squared-transit with Saturn, sun and moon. When this square transit is in conjunction with the lunar cycle, astrologers predict big conflicts will likely begin or intensify.

August 25-29: During this phase of the lunar cycle, the moon reaches Neptune in retrograde, and both are influenced by Pluto making “realization” the theme of the moment. This is the time where decisions made earlier in the month will be highlighted and understood to be either a mistake or for the best.

Saturn represents the past, the old, traditions. Uranus represents the young, the new, the future. It is significant that the energy between the two planets is in vast, stark difference and conflict with each other.

August 30-31: The moon approaches Lilith, also known as the black moon, which represents things that are hidden, not really understood or that which needs to come to light. This energy increases more as the moon moves closer to the northern lunar node. The northern lunar node is representative of “what needs tending.” This point in the lunar cycle will ultimately shine the light on any questions or decisions previously made.

August definitely is an intense astrological month in 2021. Here are expert sources for further information. ©️

Ablas Roland Legrand https://youtu.be/fOEjkbTp-Uohttps://youtu.be/fOEjkbTp-Uo

Bracha Goldsmith https://youtu.be/CYJmqw6wtxA

Sabrina Riccio https://sabrinariccio.com/lionsgate-portal-and-you/

Molly McCord https://youtu.be/wgTCZdNwxDY

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