Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return

After seven months in Gemini, Mars just moved into the sign of Cancer. I’m a Cancerian with Aquarius rising. I immediately questioned myself, “Am I going to soldier through this or find myself arguing and hurting myself?

A quick look at my chart with the current transits, I realized I’m having a double whammy— a Mars Return.

This occurs every two-and-a-half years and is reflected in your chart when Mars returns to its position in your birth chart. For example, Mars is transiting my natal Mars in my fifth house. The energy lasts a few days but has lasting impacts.

For me, the 5th house includes focusing my energy to be more “disciplined, gracefully assertive and engaged regarding children, creative projects, use of creative intelligence, in romance and hobbies, and spiritual practices,” according to the site Astrolada.

You can learn how this and other transits affect you through astrology. This way, you’ll find guidance through life cycles and situations. The choices and paths we venture are still our’s to make.

As the transit approached, I feverishly edited a new oracle deck I’m excited to share. But then, my right eye swelled shut. Shortly after, I slammed a door on my right hand. Why? I only did two of the three things below.

1. Stay Calm

Mars is the planet of war. It’s considered malefic, bad, argumentative, chaotic, and crisis-filled. When Mars “returns” to its place in your natal, astrological chart, there is cause to note you may be quicker to anger, have accidents, surgeries and you may find yourself in arguments you didn’t start.

It’s key to stay calm when you feel this energy in you or coming at you. A Mars return occurs every two-and-a-half years so how you handle this transit can have ripple effects for a bit. Keep your balance in your mind, heart, body and in your words.

2. Stay Focused

Although Mars is considered to have adverse energy, there’s a lot of good if you focus, make a plan and take action. If you are all action with no plan, you may hit a few snafus as did I (i.e. rushing and slamming my finger in the door).

Mars can bring about accidents, surgeries and crises. It’s key to stay focused to avoid mishaps. Aim all your strength at healing, and to be a warrior, not a worrier, during a crisis. Have will power and keep your eyes on the prize without distractions. Be mindful and in the moment, and mishaps won’t find you.

3. Create

Harness the power of Mars to create, to be passionate, to lead and inspire. If you find yourself filled with anxiety or anger, try exercising, dancing, writing, singing, etc, to help get “it” out and into the cosmos. Rather than fighting, delve into a project, a book or a lover.

Any creative efforts you put forth will release the negative energy, and will replace it with a more positive view of yourself and what you are capable of doing and creating.

New oracle deck coming from my team at
Tru2itt Connections!

Harness the power of Mars to be a graceful warrior that raises your vibe mentally, physically and spiritually.

For more information about your birth chart, drop me a message at: Soldier-on my dear friends!

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Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts

The moment Saturn moved into Pisces, kicking off approximately another three years in a zodiac sign, this article rolls out from Newsweek: “Russian Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast” (

The omnipresence of multiple Russian nuclear submarines is alarming. Amping up power by sea, perhaps expected but the timing is uncanny. I put my money on astrology and the masters who are spot on. Here are a few details I’ve learned of what’s to come.

By the full moon in Virgo on the 7th, several planets are on the edge or shifting signs which naturally brings intense, energetic changes.

Chart data by Rick Levine, Master Astrologer

Many astrologers and, dare I say scientists, have been warning of earthquakes and water events on a large scale. Sounds familiar already, doesn’t it? There are too many examples to list and it’s still early March.

In layman’s terms, the planetary changes we are experiencing are definitely effecting everything and we feel it much like we did in March of 2020.

The Shifts

One of many standout moments is the Sun in a sextile to Uranus on a world point. Master Astrologer Anne Ortelee advises that one should pay attention to the last eclipses of March and November 2022. What was happening in your world? Our world?

“Uranus on a World Point will be wrapping up the energy that activated those eclipses.
Pace yourself. It’s shocking energy,” Astrologer Ortelee said.

“What astrologers call the World Axis is, confusingly, actually made up of several different “axes,” sensitive points throughout the Zodiac, which indicate fame, notoriety, and news. When planets transit the World Axis points — 0 degrees or 22.5 degrees of the cardinal signs, 15 degrees of the fixed signs, or 7.5 degrees of the mutable signs — we expect world-shaking events.”

Excerpt from Anne Ortelee’s article Girl’s Face Breaking into A Smile.

Saturn’s big shift into Pisces triggers that eclipse spark. Saturn, the old man of the sky, takes a deep dive into Pisces, a watery, mystical sign that makes Saturn uncomfortable. Additionally, Neptune will be cohabiting with Saturn in Pisces for about the next six years.

The full moon opposes the Sun in Pisces and squares Mars. Mars, still barely edging out of its shadow, finally leaves Gemini and heads into Cancer – another water sign – while squaring Mars, ruler of war, arguments, action and more. Neptune also squares Mars during this timeframe which, in my opinion, stirs up the already murky, disturbed waters.

Charting the planetary shifts:
Mars squares the Sun 3-14-23

Also at play is Pluto as it moves into Aquarius on March 23rd, retrogrades back into Capricorn where it entered in 2008 then again into Aquarius in September 2024. Pluto is ruler of all that’s unseen and unknown, as well as power and money.

Once Pluto makes a complete move into Aquarius, it will remain there until 2042. Because it takes Pluto 250 years to travel the zodiac, the last shift was in 1774, and we are now just feeling the beginnings of what another 250 years may be like.

Aquarian energy is like the air of humanity. Although the phrase the “Age of Aquarius” is bantered about, there is yet approximately another 100 years before that shift is final.

Mercury which often equates to communication, messages, knowledge and speed is also in Pisces. Adding to the line up in Pisces is Neptune, ruler of the sea and things unknown and unseen.

It all feels like a big watery stew. Jupiter is on the ascendant line of the astrology chart which by all accounts including astrologer Ortelee, indicates big news is coming.

Remember, pace yourself. There are good and bad points in most shifts, situations and systems. With these shifts we are also seeing a potential cure for cancer this year or at least big movements forward in medicine and swift advancements in technology.

We are now shifting our awareness to what we can do individually and collectively, and what that world may look like. Break free of Saturnian boundaries using your imagination. We are awakening to possible new galactic systems. The world stage is where we wait and watch for the light to shine on all unseen.

I Was Dead Wrong

Plutonian Relationships Defined

“Some people claim there’s a women to blame, but I know,” sang Jimmy Buffet. Let me add, “It’s probably Pluto!”

Thank goodness for clarity. In a nut shell, the two most important relationships in my life weren’t all bad but not all good and both ended – one in divorce, the other in death.

This is why, based on previous convoluted thinking, I was wrong in feeling these were deep, soul mates or twin flames, and how I discovered the truth.

I’ve had two intense, plutonian relationships. Here’s just a glimpse of one chart as well as other unbiased information you may also find enlightening and relatable.

Bi-wheel indicates an extraordinary close
Pluto conjunction

Upfront, if you’re in a toxic, violent situation please take care, safety and seek support. Don’t over analyze the situation, just move forward. This is good advice for “unhealthy” relationships however unhealthy fits your definition.

By most accounts, Plutonian relationships are fated and the best way to notice the aspects is through astrological, synergy charts like the example above.

Specifically, you’ll need both your birthdate, place and time as well as your partner’s. The information is entered into a bi-wheel chart to show planetary aspects.

Plutonian relationships typically and immediately start out with strong, sexual tensions and connections. Noteworthy as well, these relationships feel destined, fated and intense.

The connection grows fast and furious. Most likely, one feels more obsessed than the other but key adjectives include: co-dependent, toxic, stressful, chaotic, obsessive and destructive, teachable, life-changing.

Other features of these connections include but aren’t limited too: psychological issues, power struggles, and they force you to face your shadow side.

“The positive manifestation of a plutonian relationship can be healing and transforming on a deep level, however, this happens through pain, and it is usually not a pleasant experience. Pluto adds intensity to everything it touches, and plutonian love is no exception. When facing a challenge through plutonian relationships in astrology, your best bet is to recognize the qualities of your partner that you don’t like in yourself.”

Pluto tends to leave no stone unturned. It tackles subconscious fears and frustrations. There are usually fears of abandonment and vulnerability. The more willingly you are to face your dark side, the sooner you will be set free.

The chart depicted above shows a close Pluto conjunction. This is frightful. Here is a list of more synastry aspects that suggest a plutonian relationship:

  • Pluto-Ascendant aspects
  • Pluto-Midheaven aspects
  • Pluto-Sun aspects
  • Pluto-Moon aspects
  • Pluto-Mercury aspects
  • Pluto-Venus aspects: the most painful and intense plutonic relationship type
  • Pluto-North Node aspects : indicates a karmic relationship

When talking about a plutonian relationship, it’s important to check the condition of Pluto in the natal charts. If your Pluto is strong and prominent, you perceive these passionate and intense encounters differently than if your Pluto is weak.

Obviously, this is a complicated topic invoking passionate feelings. What was perhaps considered the love of your life just may be a Plutonian partnership that typically won’t last. Buckle up!

How Hot is Your Relationship? Twin Flame versus Soul Mate Status

There is hot and there’s fire, intense, burning-the-house-down hot when it comes to unforgettable relationships. Here is how to tell the difference between a toxic-flame, a soul-mate, and a twin-flame connections.

Soul-mate connections are usually “the ones” that last a life-time. These relationships are generally committed, married, long-lasting loves and friendships that aren’t always perfect but they work.

There is a sense of love, romance and connection that can be built upon, nurtured and developed together over time. Soul mates often feel they’ve met their match, usually in a positive way keeping in mind the foundations are solid from the start.

Karmic and plutonic relationships feel steamy and very connected but in a soul-sucking manner. These are more toxic partners (energy vampires) that lead you away from your purpose here on Earth. These people bring lessons, usually harsh and negative. Once learned, the connections are broken.

Meeting a twin-flame signifies a major change in your life. You may call it a spark, a knowing – like looking in a mirror. This connection reflects something deep within yourself. The reflection shows the changes needed to complete your higher mission here. It’s a spiritual awakening and the underlying purpose is positive, accelerating growth and service to others.

It feels profoundly different than most connections, typically like you have known each other for lifetimes.

Extinguishing any of these “flames” can be as difficult, intense and life-changing as the beginning of the spark. But a twin-flame connection is meant to be a catalyst in life for individual, spiritual growth.

These connections are unforgettable yet not always romantic. In fact, twin-flames can exist in friendships, families, partnerships in work, teachers, and random meetings that feel quite reflective of yourself – a mirror image.

You know when you meet that you’ve known each other before. You share an ancestral past, childhood traumas, and multiple, uncanny similarities. Many say it is as if you’re meeting yourself. There is a desire to grow, and to priotize growth over being in a relationship.

It is the spiritual growth that becomes the focus. Twin-flame influences the need to do inner work and evolve the relationship with the self to become more whole.

Spiritual leaders and some psychologists recognize the twin-flame connection as one that involves two people who share the same soul that split. Others theorize that each soul is whole, meeting another you’ve contracted with for a higher purpose for humanity.

Once these twin flames meet, an intense, magnetic attraction and connection is built. It can feel fiery and combative. The goal is to be individually whole, healthfully binding the masculine and feminie sides of one’s self. The change that occurs is hard but ultimately healing and inspiring in positive ways.

Often these connections reflect generational traumas that require deep love, thought and healing overall. Not everyone will experience this type of twin-flame meeting. Each person must have achieved a high-level of growth to recognize the other.

It is fair to say that it may take years, even decades, of internal growth to realize who really came in as a toxic, soul or twin-flame and why. The lessons can be some of the most difficult to endure. It is extremely important to note the danger in confusing any of these concepts to justify codepent and abusive behaviors in relationships.

The loss of any type is extremely hard and the grief can be quite debilitating. It is critical to seek advice and support in order to remain grounded, rooted and ready to grow from the lessons reflected to you and within you. In time, you will be whole, able to let go and better for having let the guidance lead you. This is the goal.

Love yourself wholly in order to love another.

Comparing astrological birth charts is a solid way to research the basis of these connections. Touch base if you’d like assistance with your chart.

Sources include my life experiences where my twin flame died as I grew whole. Other information obtained from,, Souls On Fire TV, YouTube.

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Hang On A Minute!

Image by Susan Inspired ©️2022

It’s that blog again. The one where I mention how every astrologer I research is bang on correct.

They’ve been nailing events each month. July looks like a doozy with no clear outcome as the calendar flips by until somewhere around 2025-26.

In as few words as possible, we are shifting back decades then flying forward, repeatedly. Solar flares are mega intense and to outline the details in the above chart is a lot. Fifteen pages of notes to be exact! So, I’m keeping it simple, or at least trying.

June was a great example as more weather, war and disease made headlines. Earthquakes in Iran, monkey pox, Ukrainian issues, and yep, that Johnny Depp trial where truth was revealed.

As predicted, the end of June was extraordinarily dramatic on a global scale and even more in the United States with major, federal court rulings turning prior decisions and people on their heads. For me personally, I lost three friends, separate families, on the same night (6-22-22).

You see, we are all connected to each other and to the universe. What you feel on a small scale is also happening around the world at speeds we mere mortals can barely measure.

This week, huge energetic shifts are predicted. The chart above by Susan Inspired, an astrologer and Schuman resonance expert, looks complicated and it is! I encourage readers to check out her channel. Actually any astrologer will tell you the same things. It’s quiet now but not for long. Buckle up.

Perhaps you’re hearing the term CERN tossed about as well. A scientific team is starting this “conductor” on July 5 to research energy, space and time. It’s not the first time it’s been activated but it is coinciding with galactic, divinely guided energy. It’s stirring up a lot of speculation and fear. Please note there are 30,000 similar conductors of different sizes currently at work. Knowledge is power (apologies for cliché).

What can I say? What can I do? If you’re like me, you’re feeling the shifts. The energy is intense. You may find it hard to sleep, focus or stay on track. Anger and depression are prevalent and statistically rising.

Truth is hard to find and fear is lurking everywhere. Be diligent, observant and offer input from a place of grace.

Advice I’ve received is to stay calm, grounded in routines but let creativity soothe your mind. Take care of just the things you’re able. Don’t overthink. Don’t let misinformation rule or scare you.

Stay connected to your community. The ever-popular astrologer Rick Levine reminds us to, “Think globally, act locally.”

Pay attention to the simple needs and the loves in your lives. Take good care of you so you’re able to go with the flow as best as possible.

Remember to “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” I do pray the astrological weather for July turns out sunny and bright. Peace ✌️

Note: After posting this on July 4th I later turned to the news to hear of a mass shooting in Texas, two police officers killed in Philadelphia and other tragic details coming. Prayers from me to you.

How to Tell Truth From Propaganda

March 25, 2022 — Intriguing, captivating and educating viewers daily on TikTok, @Xenasolo continues to provide live, Ukranian updates from a safe location in the west. The 27-year-old, Crimean-born woman recently finished her Master’s Degree in Political Science and with that, a thesis on Russian propaganda.

Today, when asked how to tell the difference between real information and propaganda, Xena (Xenasolo is her online name) gave a brief list of three key tips.

One: Check the Sources

  • Always check the references.
  • Verify the information with more than one source.
  • Validate who is being quoted and the official status.

Two: Emotional Bias

  • Whether it is negative or positive preconception, any bias is most likely an attempt to sway opinions.
  • Thoroughly research the sources; read beyond emotions; look for balanced information.

Three: Dig Deep

  • Understand who owns and affiliates with the source.
  • Look into the companies, government, or private ownership and affiliations.
  • Review and process what ideas, plans, projects and being sponsored and/or propagated.

Highlights of News from Xena’s Live

Xena explaining the geography of Ukraine. ©️eadcreations
  • Ukrainian military officials report gaining 43 additional tanks from Russians.
  • Ukrainian military officials again confirm, as do Russian officials, 16,000 Russian soldiers killed-in-action; more than 40,000 wounded “… creating a huge crisis and a “shift” in Russians’ perceptions,” Xena interjected.
  • Odessa’s ports are blockaded but the city has not been taken nor has Kyiv or any other region. The Russian’s have made an aggressive effort to disrupt the agricultural season and regions which is affecting food supplies; and, no exports (sunflower oil, barley, corn and soy to Asia, India and Egypt) will be possible.
  • Nuclear threat of most concern is from the former Soviet submarine fleet in the Black Sea near Balaklava. This was and is still considered a secret, underground base in Crimea used to store and refurbish submarines. “Should Russia use nuclear missiles from the ground, that is one thing,” Xena said. “But, what is much worse is a short-range attack with nuclear missiles from the submarines. We keep in mind that their technology is likely outdated, but it is not clear what technology has been added.”
  • Viewers commented and Xena agreed that the protests and activists against the war have been noticeably squashed in Russia. This is a nod to the brainwashing and control that continues especially among the youth who know of nothing else Xena added.
  • Anticipation surrounding May 9th celebrations in Russia is building as Ukranians ponder the length of this aggression by Russia. May 9th is a day of massive parades, concerts and events in Russia to recognize the win in WWII and now, likely, to progandize a win in Ukraine. Xena explained it has, “a day of identity solidifying events in Russia where a militarized society lives in the past and glorifies victories of the past.”
  • Recommended source from Xena for reliable Ukrainian news: Kyiv Independent
©️360cities, 2009

Donate to Ukrainian, Humanitarian Efforts

  • For a full list of qualified volunteer efforts and organizations accepting donations, see @Xenasolo on Twitter and TikTok.
  • Back and Alive Fund (Equipment for Army)
  • UAnimals – Helping Animals of Ukraine

April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?

Guaranteed. As mentioned in my previous blogs about astrology and the war in Ukraine, the world is on baited breath watching through the lens of social media. The energy in April will continue to build as the “all planets direct” in Aries is creating energy not experienced in our lives or since the middle 1800s.

“Thank God for social media,” Xenasolo giggled and added, “Who ever thought we’d be saying that?” Xena commented on the overwhelming, world-wide attention Ukraine is gaining online. Xenasolo (her online nickname) is a 27-year-old Ukrainian currently featured in The Guardian and previously in my recent blog when I coincidently found her on TikTok at the beginning of the onslaught.

As an astrologer and psychic, I don’t believe in coincidences. I was meant to get drawn in, write, and lift the collective consciousness. I can not help witness that which I’m learning through astrologers is happening in real-time. It is impossible as a journalist not to blend the two subjects.

Astronomy is the science of planets while astrology puts a language and an understanding to the energies and effects of planets that rumble deep and wide through the universe. Scientifically, energetically, and historically, this is all “going down.”

This “time” kicked into gear in 2020 and has not stopped.

Most astrologers feel the energy is building to a major turning point that will boil over in spring, subside a bit in summer, then raise its ugly head again towards November. There is a common “we shall see” attitude from astrologers reluctantly knowing their analyses are likely correct.

Similar conjunctions and patterns of these planets happen about every 13-14 years, but this time is definitely different. The turning point is an event that none of us have been through (universally speaking) as the last occurrence was in 1856. Jupiter conjoins with Neptune and Mercury which then all align with the sun and the moon in Aries.

Astrologer Rick Levine noting the cluster of planets, sun and moon 3-31-22

In fact, since the full moon in mid-March and moving forward, this energy is building into a figurative powder keg as all seven major planets are direct, clustered on one side of the astrological chart (Western, whole-house astrology). Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Sun and Moon – most are in Aries and are all on top of each other.

Levine said, “There is hope for a breakthrough or a breakdown,” which is exactly what Xena is intuitively feeling. This will be an energy most of us will be feeling globally, collectively and on a personal level. Rest, pace yourself, be kind and help others, but be sure to put your oxygen mask on first to be the most effective.

Highlights from Xena’s Live Where Every Live Is Historic

Just before going live on Tiktok on the 21st, Xena received confirmation from official Russian reports for the first time which included 9,861 killed in action and 16, 193 wounded.

The events she details interestingly coordinate with details astrologers are predicting, include: communication (sometime true, sometimes false) will be rapid and full of surprises; times will be explosive from air and sea; there will be floods, supply and food shortages; wild behavior; tremendous creativity; huge humanitarian efforts; youth rising against fear and oppression; and, a “take no prisoners” kind of feeling as major conflicts get resolved and transformation begins.

“After days, weeks of misinformation this is the first time the reports match what the Ukrainian military defense officials have been reporting with numbers of about 10,000 killed and 30,000 wounded,” she said. As a merging expert in Russian propaganda, Xena understands the importance of true statistics, information and the effects of constant brain-washing.

  • On March 21, Odessa was attacked by the Russian Black Sea ships but, as reported by Ukrainian officials Xena cited, “It was not an amphibious attack but rather a missile strike from the sea on residential homes overlooking the water. The attacked is still being assessed at this time. She said it is “intimidation tactics” the Russians have used everywhere, always. She lives in the western portion of Ukraine and is relatively safe yet they have had random air strikes since the beginning.
  • In Kyiv, Mariupol and all areas under this intense fighting, there are little to no supplies left nor getting in to soldiers (anyone). There are reports of Russian soldiers’ conversations to their families that they “have stolen more than enough stuff to pay for their loans.” Important comments because one, the feeling of not getting paid next month is overwhelming and two, their defeat is driving them to extremes. Xena used the term “wilding” repeatedly to describe the looting, stealing, sexual crimes, murder and destruction, and that they “brag about this in their conversations.”

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

A phrase Xena and her family use to get through each day.
  • On the 21st, Russian soldiers used tanks to attack and kill children on buses fleeing Mariupol. Each time a “humanitarian, green corridor” is established to help those fleeing, it is typically a Russian trap. Historically this has been the case and Russia’s military is at it again.
  • Another extreme but well-known Russian tactic is the “scorch the earth” theory so that when they leave, the land is burned, poisoned and destroyed beyond use. In the past the Stalin’s secret police blew up one of the biggest, hydroelectric dams in the southern city of Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, killing more than 100,000 people Xena explained. “Today, they used the same tactic but on a smaller scale to a dam on the Irpin River. This destroyed many villages there and flooded the region so no one can return at this time or for some time.”

“Areas, regions, countries are hooked on Russian energy sources and they need to breakup with Russia for good.”

@xenasolo on her March 21st TikTok live report echoing phrases astrologers are currently discussing.

The EU and others continue to trade with Belarus and Russia. A convoy of trucks with supplies is currently being blocked by activists.

“Why activists you asked?” Xena rhetorically asked. “The activists are there because the trade is still actively taking place.” She commented further that obviously and miraculously the aid, attention and sanctions are a tremendous help but it takes time and more effort. Xena has repeatedly said it is truly miraculous to have the support now versus the isolation her people felt in Crimea, 2014, and throughout the last eight years of Russian aggression.

Donate to Ukrainian Needs

  • UAnimals – Helping Animals of Ukraine Add Sources and a number of other ways to confidently donate are available through Xena’s accounts on TikTok and Twitter.

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