Hang On A Minute!

Image by Susan Inspired ©️2022

It’s that blog again. The one where I mention how every astrologer I research is bang on correct.

They’ve been nailing events each month. July looks like a doozy with no clear outcome as the calendar flips by until somewhere around 2025-26.

In as few words as possible, we are shifting back decades then flying forward, repeatedly. Solar flares are mega intense and to outline the details in the above chart is a lot. Fifteen pages of notes to be exact! So, I’m keeping it simple, or at least trying.

June was a great example as more weather, war and disease made headlines. Earthquakes in Iran, monkey pox, Ukrainian issues, and yep, that Johnny Depp trial where truth was revealed.

As predicted, the end of June was extraordinarily dramatic on a global scale and even more in the United States with major, federal court rulings turning prior decisions and people on their heads. For me personally, I lost three friends, separate families, on the same night (6-22-22).

You see, we are all connected to each other and to the universe. What you feel on a small scale is also happening around the world at speeds we mere mortals can barely measure.

This week, huge energetic shifts are predicted. The chart above by Susan Inspired, an astrologer and Schuman resonance expert, looks complicated and it is! I encourage readers to check out her channel. Actually any astrologer will tell you the same things. It’s quiet now but not for long. Buckle up.

Perhaps you’re hearing the term CERN tossed about as well. A scientific team is starting this “conductor” on July 5 to research energy, space and time. It’s not the first time it’s been activated but it is coinciding with galactic, divinely guided energy. It’s stirring up a lot of speculation and fear. Please note there are 30,000 similar conductors of different sizes currently at work. Knowledge is power (apologies for cliché).

What can I say? What can I do? If you’re like me, you’re feeling the shifts. The energy is intense. You may find it hard to sleep, focus or stay on track. Anger and depression are prevalent and statistically rising.

Truth is hard to find and fear is lurking everywhere. Be diligent, observant and offer input from a place of grace.

Advice I’ve received is to stay calm, grounded in routines but let creativity soothe your mind. Take care of just the things you’re able. Don’t overthink. Don’t let misinformation rule or scare you.

Stay connected to your community. The ever-popular astrologer Rick Levine reminds us to, “Think globally, act locally.”

Pay attention to the simple needs and the loves in your lives. Take good care of you so you’re able to go with the flow as best as possible.

Remember to “plan for the worst, hope for the best.” I do pray the astrological weather for July turns out sunny and bright. Peace ✌️

Note: After posting this on July 4th I later turned to the news to hear of a mass shooting in Texas, two police officers killed in Philadelphia and other tragic details coming. Prayers from me to you.

How to Tell Truth From Propaganda

March 25, 2022 — Intriguing, captivating and educating viewers daily on TikTok, @Xenasolo continues to provide live, Ukranian updates from a safe location in the west. The 27-year-old, Crimean-born woman recently finished her Master’s Degree in Political Science and with that, a thesis on Russian propaganda.

Today, when asked how to tell the difference between real information and propaganda, Xena (Xenasolo is her online name) gave a brief list of three key tips.

One: Check the Sources

  • Always check the references.
  • Verify the information with more than one source.
  • Validate who is being quoted and the official status.

Two: Emotional Bias

  • Whether it is negative or positive preconception, any bias is most likely an attempt to sway opinions.
  • Thoroughly research the sources; read beyond emotions; look for balanced information.

Three: Dig Deep

  • Understand who owns and affiliates with the source.
  • Look into the companies, government, or private ownership and affiliations.
  • Review and process what ideas, plans, projects and being sponsored and/or propagated.

Highlights of News from Xena’s Live

Xena explaining the geography of Ukraine. ©️eadcreations
  • Ukrainian military officials report gaining 43 additional tanks from Russians.
  • Ukrainian military officials again confirm, as do Russian officials, 16,000 Russian soldiers killed-in-action; more than 40,000 wounded “… creating a huge crisis and a “shift” in Russians’ perceptions,” Xena interjected.
  • Odessa’s ports are blockaded but the city has not been taken nor has Kyiv or any other region. The Russian’s have made an aggressive effort to disrupt the agricultural season and regions which is affecting food supplies; and, no exports (sunflower oil, barley, corn and soy to Asia, India and Egypt) will be possible.
  • Nuclear threat of most concern is from the former Soviet submarine fleet in the Black Sea near Balaklava. This was and is still considered a secret, underground base in Crimea used to store and refurbish submarines. “Should Russia use nuclear missiles from the ground, that is one thing,” Xena said. “But, what is much worse is a short-range attack with nuclear missiles from the submarines. We keep in mind that their technology is likely outdated, but it is not clear what technology has been added.”
  • Viewers commented and Xena agreed that the protests and activists against the war have been noticeably squashed in Russia. This is a nod to the brainwashing and control that continues especially among the youth who know of nothing else Xena added.
  • Anticipation surrounding May 9th celebrations in Russia is building as Ukranians ponder the length of this aggression by Russia. May 9th is a day of massive parades, concerts and events in Russia to recognize the win in WWII and now, likely, to progandize a win in Ukraine. Xena explained it has, “a day of identity solidifying events in Russia where a militarized society lives in the past and glorifies victories of the past.”
  • Recommended source from Xena for reliable Ukrainian news: Kyiv Independent
©️360cities, 2009

Donate to Ukrainian, Humanitarian Efforts

  • For a full list of qualified volunteer efforts and organizations accepting donations, see @Xenasolo on Twitter and TikTok.
  • Back and Alive Fund (Equipment for Army) www.comebackalive.in.ua
  • UAnimals – Helping Animals of Ukraine

April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?

Guaranteed. As mentioned in my previous blogs about astrology and the war in Ukraine, the world is on baited breath watching through the lens of social media. The energy in April will continue to build as the “all planets direct” in Aries is creating energy not experienced in our lives or since the middle 1800s.

“Thank God for social media,” Xenasolo giggled and added, “Who ever thought we’d be saying that?” Xena commented on the overwhelming, world-wide attention Ukraine is gaining online. Xenasolo (her online nickname) is a 27-year-old Ukrainian currently featured in The Guardian and previously in my recent blog when I coincidently found her on TikTok at the beginning of the onslaught.

As an astrologer and psychic, I don’t believe in coincidences. I was meant to get drawn in, write, and lift the collective consciousness. I can not help witness that which I’m learning through astrologers is happening in real-time. It is impossible as a journalist not to blend the two subjects.

Astronomy is the science of planets while astrology puts a language and an understanding to the energies and effects of planets that rumble deep and wide through the universe. Scientifically, energetically, and historically, this is all “going down.”

This “time” kicked into gear in 2020 and has not stopped.

Most astrologers feel the energy is building to a major turning point that will boil over in spring, subside a bit in summer, then raise its ugly head again towards November. There is a common “we shall see” attitude from astrologers reluctantly knowing their analyses are likely correct.

Similar conjunctions and patterns of these planets happen about every 13-14 years, but this time is definitely different. The turning point is an event that none of us have been through (universally speaking) as the last occurrence was in 1856. Jupiter conjoins with Neptune and Mercury which then all align with the sun and the moon in Aries.

Astrologer Rick Levine noting the cluster of planets, sun and moon 3-31-22

In fact, since the full moon in mid-March and moving forward, this energy is building into a figurative powder keg as all seven major planets are direct, clustered on one side of the astrological chart (Western, whole-house astrology). Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Sun and Moon – most are in Aries and are all on top of each other.

Levine said, “There is hope for a breakthrough or a breakdown,” which is exactly what Xena is intuitively feeling. This will be an energy most of us will be feeling globally, collectively and on a personal level. Rest, pace yourself, be kind and help others, but be sure to put your oxygen mask on first to be the most effective.

Highlights from Xena’s Live Where Every Live Is Historic

Just before going live on Tiktok on the 21st, Xena received confirmation from official Russian reports for the first time which included 9,861 killed in action and 16, 193 wounded.

The events she details interestingly coordinate with details astrologers are predicting, include: communication (sometime true, sometimes false) will be rapid and full of surprises; times will be explosive from air and sea; there will be floods, supply and food shortages; wild behavior; tremendous creativity; huge humanitarian efforts; youth rising against fear and oppression; and, a “take no prisoners” kind of feeling as major conflicts get resolved and transformation begins.

“After days, weeks of misinformation this is the first time the reports match what the Ukrainian military defense officials have been reporting with numbers of about 10,000 killed and 30,000 wounded,” she said. As a merging expert in Russian propaganda, Xena understands the importance of true statistics, information and the effects of constant brain-washing.

  • On March 21, Odessa was attacked by the Russian Black Sea ships but, as reported by Ukrainian officials Xena cited, “It was not an amphibious attack but rather a missile strike from the sea on residential homes overlooking the water. The attacked is still being assessed at this time. She said it is “intimidation tactics” the Russians have used everywhere, always. She lives in the western portion of Ukraine and is relatively safe yet they have had random air strikes since the beginning.
  • In Kyiv, Mariupol and all areas under this intense fighting, there are little to no supplies left nor getting in to soldiers (anyone). There are reports of Russian soldiers’ conversations to their families that they “have stolen more than enough stuff to pay for their loans.” Important comments because one, the feeling of not getting paid next month is overwhelming and two, their defeat is driving them to extremes. Xena used the term “wilding” repeatedly to describe the looting, stealing, sexual crimes, murder and destruction, and that they “brag about this in their conversations.”

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.”

A phrase Xena and her family use to get through each day.
  • On the 21st, Russian soldiers used tanks to attack and kill children on buses fleeing Mariupol. Each time a “humanitarian, green corridor” is established to help those fleeing, it is typically a Russian trap. Historically this has been the case and Russia’s military is at it again.
  • Another extreme but well-known Russian tactic is the “scorch the earth” theory so that when they leave, the land is burned, poisoned and destroyed beyond use. In the past the Stalin’s secret police blew up one of the biggest, hydroelectric dams in the southern city of Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, killing more than 100,000 people Xena explained. “Today, they used the same tactic but on a smaller scale to a dam on the Irpin River. This destroyed many villages there and flooded the region so no one can return at this time or for some time.”

“Areas, regions, countries are hooked on Russian energy sources and they need to breakup with Russia for good.”

@xenasolo on her March 21st TikTok live report echoing phrases astrologers are currently discussing.

The EU and others continue to trade with Belarus and Russia. A convoy of trucks with supplies is currently being blocked by activists.

“Why activists you asked?” Xena rhetorically asked. “The activists are there because the trade is still actively taking place.” She commented further that obviously and miraculously the aid, attention and sanctions are a tremendous help but it takes time and more effort. Xena has repeatedly said it is truly miraculous to have the support now versus the isolation her people felt in Crimea, 2014, and throughout the last eight years of Russian aggression.

Donate to Ukrainian Needs

  • UAnimals – Helping Animals of Ukraine Add Sources and a number of other ways to confidently donate are available through Xena’s accounts on TikTok and Twitter.

Astrology Resources

US State Department Price Said What? Astrology Experts Have Better Answers!

The astrology this week is astonishing and I’m eager to link this with news because the predictions are spot on accurate.

First, let’s review what I witnessed coming from the US State Department press briefing today. I’m stunned (at the stonewalling) but thanks to astrologers not surprised.

Ned Price discussing Chinese possibly backing of Russian economy and escalated war

I tuned into the live briefing as Ned Price said, “This is a pivotal point in Russia’s finances and their urgent, last minute negotiations with China for support will clearly escalate this war.”

Price added that Russia is in “dire straits with the Ruble … umm … is basically worthless at less than a penny.” Its predicted the country will have a complete financial meltdown by Wednesday.

It also appears, based on State Department details provided in the briefing, if China backs Russia, this war is officially going global.

Price tried to say the two countries don’t have the GDP to compete. He neglected to mention China controls more than 60 percent of the world’s grain – food. Yes, China controls a lot and perhaps the combined GDP of both is lower than the NATO allies, but the State Department left out so much information trying to pacify reporters.

More questions that he would not directly answer make your mouth drop. When asked about the 81 civil rights activists executed on March 12th, he said, “We’ve raised concerns.” The reporter literally asked, “That’s it?”

The State Department backs their efforts and “UN Special Envoy” to get American civilians held captive in Tehran and Moscow. He didn’t mention Afghanistan. He failed to answer questions about missle attacks on India.

He stated several times we are in a nuclear crisis. Also here is the official statement on the Iranian crisis.

Wow! So, what does this have to do with astrology?

Here are what the major planets are doing now, through March 30 and well into November. To begin, we are in an unusual “all planets direct” phase. Mercury for example goes retrograde three times a year as do others so “all direct” and for three months is rarely seen.

Strong full moon energy hits us on the 17th. Combine this with Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Saturn all move into a cluster. According to astrologer Rick Levine (one of many underscoring these historical times), “this creates a condensation of intense energy and … uncomfortable positions … in an astrological chart.”

Information copyright Rick Levine

“The energy and lack of distance between these planets creates … profound changes and the ability to have powerful, evolutionary change,” Levine said in his monthly YouTube podcast.

He explained – on point – that the power of Pluto is at play which can be very dark and sinister. Mars is the God of War. Uranus brings on sudden, typically not well-thought-out changes.

Mercury, which rules communication, is flying fast and reaches a half-square with Pluto – not great but it gives hope to those speaking against Russian aggression. “There’s a deep desire for new and different paths, ideas, freedoms.”

Saturn aligns with old ways, rules, oppression in a bad way, traditions in a good way. Either way, Saturn’s energy pushes back big time. And as we all are witnessing, there are global financial and food crises occurring which all can correlate with the astrology and astronomy movements tracked for today and charted throughout history.

Jupiter and Neptune are topping things off with “expansive energy around things that are not necessarily the truth,” Astrologer Bracha Goldsmith said. She mentioned this in reference to the media as well as governments.

We are in the midst of a powerful, dynamic and, as Price did say, “an extremely important … key moment in time.” This is one statement we all can agree on. Peace ✌️

PS Here is a link for information about chemical warfare looming and a second link to an astrologer who is also an economist living in Greece..


Putler Did What Now?! Mars Ignites More War and Pluto Gets Sinister

March 9 – As predicted, moving through this new moon phase with Mars activated, Putin is on record for bombing a maternity ward today.

The number of civilians murdered, executed, and children, animals bombed – destroyed – mounts every second.

Also, he is responsible for cutting power to Chernobyl. Power down at Chernobyl puts the cooling mechanisms out of service which may or can lead to a meltdown.

Putin speaks of wanting more peace talks (Mercury – ruler of communication – is flying through the sign of Pisces). It indicates that these are pipe dream discussions once again meant to trick and manipulate. It’s a common stall tactic of Putin while he plans to reengage.

Ukrainian sources say the “…the element of surprise is over and we remain ready. We feel he will make another explosive push soon but Ukrainians are not going to give into genocide.” @xenasolo – an amazing woman reporting daily on TikTok and Twitter. Please note there are many Xena impersonators. Validate your sources.

These are just two examples to observe as astrology and real-time events unfold each day unfortunately, many as predicted.

Be good to one another. Fight the urge to add to the combative energy. Peace ✌️

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Astrologers Predictions on Point and Why Social Media Gets A Win

Here’s a brief overview of why this month and through April we need to collectively pray, mediate, and prepare.

Pluto and Mars are doing a planetary dance in Capricorn that doesn’t happen often (1992 Rodney King riots; 1962 – Cuban missile crisis; 1934 – Hitler’s rise to power). These planets also play major roles is Putin’s natal chart, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s second house of family and in her area of health.

According to every astrologer I can find, his natal chart and timing indicates Putin’s huge desire to leave a legacy. They also strongly believe there is something wrong with him and the time is now. Combine this with a universal, planetary push to radical change and decisions, this is an incredibly shaky time.

As many describe, Pluto and Mars may result in an energy of coercion and subversive actions. It sends dark, dominating, nasty, and violent, warrior-type energy. Basically, Mars is god of war. It’s fiery, red and generally brings extreme energy to a situation.

Pluto is the farthest planet out and is ruler of the underworld. It’s dark, emotional and strange. As you can see, the combination is undoubtedly a scary pair. Add that to someone’s birth chart (Putin) and – you get the picture. Shaky hands on a button!

Also highlighted with the brightest yellow Sharpie pen is the fact that this is the first time Pluto returns to the USA natal chart since the revolutionary times of 1774-76 and after. The energy stays for some time.

March came in with Chernobyl and a second nuclear power plant in Ukraine seized. Putin continues to send troops (mostly confused teenagers) to kill innocent civilians – many children in hospitals and orphanages, as well as residential sites. Meanwhile Ukrainians push back to keep their life and liberty. They’ve become super heroes for the world.

Another prediction by most astrologers has been the “rising voices of a younger generation,” similar to the 1960s and 70s. As we’ve wittnessed the world turn all eyes on Ukraine, the internet let truth shine. Not to be missed, Elon Musk’s power to provide connections through Starlink Internet Satellite Service is unprecedented.

Xenasolo – Ukrainian sharing real-time information. She is 28, has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and speaks six languages.

This time social media clearly helped spread awareness and debunk some Russian propaganda. Through social media, you can see the beginning of a great awakening – another Age of Aquarius – where people stand up to sinister energies and untrustworthy leaders.

The Russian propaganda machine is failing, ruining Putin’s great desire to be the cherished one. Instead, the world is watching President Zolinski soar in admiration and popularity. How angry will Putin be and how desperate for this legacy?

There is grave potential that he could unleash a dragon like the world has not seen. He’s already been labeled a war criminal. How far will he take it? Note this is, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Water Tiger (king of beasts in China and symbolic of strength, exorcising evils, luck, and braveness).

There is a chance to turn the tide so that Putin does not leave an even more horrific legacy than he just created on a world stage. There is power in prayer. There is power in universal love. There is power in freedom. Be diligent. Pray. Peace. #astrology #plutoreturn #marsandwar