Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return

After seven months in Gemini, Mars just moved into the sign of Cancer. I’m a Cancerian with Aquarius rising. I immediately questioned myself, “Am I going to soldier through this or find myself arguing and hurting myself? A quick look at my chart with the current transits, I realized I’m having a double whammy— aContinue reading “Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return”

Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts

The moment Saturn moved into Pisces, kicking off approximately another three years in a zodiac sign, this article rolls out from Newsweek: “Russian Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast” ( The omnipresence of multiple Russian nuclear submarines is alarming. Amping up power by sea, perhaps expected but the timing is uncanny. I put my moneyContinue reading “Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts”