How to Tell Truth From Propaganda

March 25, 2022 — Intriguing, captivating and educating viewers daily on TikTok, @Xenasolo continues to provide live, Ukranian updates from a safe location in the west. The 27-year-old, Crimean-born woman recently finished her Master’s Degree in Political Science and with that, a thesis on Russian propaganda. Today, when asked how to tell the difference betweenContinue reading “How to Tell Truth From Propaganda”

April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?

Guaranteed. As mentioned in my previous blogs about astrology and the war in Ukraine, the world is on baited breath watching through the lens of social media. The energy in April will continue to build as the “all planets direct” in Aries is creating energy not experienced in our lives or since the middle 1800s.Continue reading “April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?”

US State Department Price Said What? Astrology Experts Have Better Answers!

The astrology this week is astonishing and I’m eager to link this with news because the predictions are spot on accurate. First, let’s review what I witnessed coming from the US State Department press briefing today. I’m stunned (at the stonewalling) but thanks to astrologers not surprised. I tuned into the live briefing as NedContinue reading “US State Department Price Said What? Astrology Experts Have Better Answers!”

Putler Did What Now?! Mars Ignites More War and Pluto Gets Sinister

March 9 – As predicted, moving through this new moon phase with Mars activated, Putin is on record for bombing a maternity ward today. The number of civilians murdered, executed, and children, animals bombed – destroyed – mounts every second. Also, he is responsible for cutting power to Chernobyl. Power down at Chernobyl puts theContinue reading “Putler Did What Now?! Mars Ignites More War and Pluto Gets Sinister”