Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return

After seven months in Gemini, Mars just moved into the sign of Cancer. I’m a Cancerian with Aquarius rising. I immediately questioned myself, “Am I going to soldier through this or find myself arguing and hurting myself? A quick look at my chart with the current transits, I realized I’m having a double whammy— aContinue reading “Three Ways to Work with A Mars Return”

Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts

The moment Saturn moved into Pisces, kicking off approximately another three years in a zodiac sign, this article rolls out from Newsweek: “Russian Nuclear Submarines Deployed Off U.S. Coast” ( The omnipresence of multiple Russian nuclear submarines is alarming. Amping up power by sea, perhaps expected but the timing is uncanny. I put my moneyContinue reading “Saturn, Submarines and Planetary Shifts”

How Hot is Your Relationship? Twin Flame versus Soul Mate Status

There is hot and there’s fire, intense, burning-the-house-down hot when it comes to unforgettable relationships. Here is how to tell the difference between a toxic-flame, a soul-mate, and a twin-flame connections. Soul-mate connections are usually “the ones” that last a life-time. These relationships are generally committed, married, long-lasting loves and friendships that aren’t always perfectContinue reading “How Hot is Your Relationship? Twin Flame versus Soul Mate Status”

How to Tell Truth From Propaganda

March 25, 2022 — Intriguing, captivating and educating viewers daily on TikTok, @Xenasolo continues to provide live, Ukranian updates from a safe location in the west. The 27-year-old, Crimean-born woman recently finished her Master’s Degree in Political Science and with that, a thesis on Russian propaganda. Today, when asked how to tell the difference betweenContinue reading “How to Tell Truth From Propaganda”

April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?

Guaranteed. As mentioned in my previous blogs about astrology and the war in Ukraine, the world is on baited breath watching through the lens of social media. The energy in April will continue to build as the “all planets direct” in Aries is creating energy not experienced in our lives or since the middle 1800s.Continue reading “April: A Time We Have Never Experienced?”