I Survived the Full Moon

Typically I’ll do something out of character (one person followed my behavior on a calendar- controlling but true) around a full moon phase. I must clarify that I’ve done nothing criminal or dangerous but certainly behave more in “over-drive” about everything. As Astrologer Ablas Roland Legrand did warn, it’s not a good time to over-react,Continue reading “I Survived the Full Moon”

Red Dragonfly Spirit for Virgo Season – September Astrology Highlights

Red dragon flies are know as male Scarlet Skimmers in Southwest Florida where I photographed this beauty. While working on this article, I took a break for a quick walk. During my walk I saw not only one but three red dragon flies. Knowing that they are rare, and realizing September looks fiery, extreme, transformativeContinue reading “Red Dragonfly Spirit for Virgo Season – September Astrology Highlights”

Astrologist Are On-Point

I’ve pulled together some of the highlights featured in the 8/8 August Astrology blog. Notes from the blog are bulleted below. A few more notes of what actually transpired globally… and the dramatic correlations are listed here. It’s eye-opening but often this insight is divinely delivered and “written in the stars” so-to-speak. This information isContinue reading “Astrologist Are On-Point”

Electrifying Energy and Big Decisions Expected — August Astrology

Without question the most important date to note in August is the eighth. This is the day referred to as Lionsgate. Around this time you will see the star system Sirius align with Orion‘s belt as the sun is in sign of Leo. The fun, colorful and energetic character of Leo’s lion will be evident.Continue reading “Electrifying Energy and Big Decisions Expected — August Astrology”

July: Five Things to Keep in Mind As New Moon Transits to Full Moon

Today and moving into tomorrow, the new moon cycles through the sign of Cancer which is its home. By the 24th, a full moon will be in the house of Aquarius. Cancer brings in an energy of gentleness. Don’t rush anything and use this time to gain insight in any area of your life that’sContinue reading “July: Five Things to Keep in Mind As New Moon Transits to Full Moon”

July’s Astrology — BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT

Happy birthday Moon Children. It’s an amazing time to be a water sign. For all signs, it’s time to seize the moment but check out these dates first. Much like the universal law of attraction and manifestation, the astrological configuration in July will lead you to a more spiritual way of viewing life. Be realisticContinue reading “July’s Astrology — BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT”

Time to Pivot — Follow Your Gut

There comes a time in everyone’s life where changes make you pivot. Let’s face it, pivot or struggle and stay stuck. Why and to where am I pivoting? I’m leaving journalism and news. I’ll be covering astrology, health, wellness and most specifically how we exchange energy as souls. Yes, I’m getting down and dirty withContinue reading “Time to Pivot — Follow Your Gut”