Red Dragonfly Spirit for Virgo Season – September Astrology Highlights

Rare Red Dragonfly photo by EAD Creations™️

Red dragon flies are know as male Scarlet Skimmers in Southwest Florida where I photographed this beauty. While working on this article, I took a break for a quick walk. During my walk I saw not only one but three red dragon flies. Knowing that they are rare, and realizing September looks fiery, extreme, transformative and for some magical, I’m inspired to incorporate them here for you to remember in uncertain times.

According to many sources like, red dragonflies are rare and seeing one in the wild is a special event. The dragonfly symbolizes opportunity, transformation, spontaneity, ancient wisdom and other mystical qualities. The dragonfly is a powerful totem animal that appears in the spiritual beliefs of many cultures.

As you will see from the following highlights, September 2021 will prove to be another difficult month. Mars is an opposition with Neptune and in fact by the end of September there will be seven planets in opposition which is in itself a rare event. In general the transit oppositions point out “the truth of the matter.” There will be no hiding, and confirmation and verifications will come in on many matters.

Expect more fiery emotions, events, extreme weather (Hurricane Ida), and a continued feeling of push and pull. For many, this month will also usher in something rare, wonderful and karmic — much like the red dragonfly.

9-1 Mars is in opposition with Neptune which is a difficult transit. It brings in a sense of emotional gridlock, a lack of empathy, a rise in emotions that some may not even understand the source.

9-7 New Moon in Pisces which is in opposition to Mars. This combination intensifies beliefs, actions and reactions, and a feeling of needing to act swiftly when actually patience is a better goal. Temper tantrums will happen. This is a key time to realize where and when you’re giving your power away.

Rider Waite Tarot™️

In tarot, the Hermit represents Virgo, the power of consciousness and knowledge. The hermit is an enlightened recluse taking time to focus on himself and the best path. This is an energy to remember as you go through September. Don’t let the Mars and Neptune energies dissipate your energy.

Set intentions now for the month which help in your daily activities, schedule and health. Incremental goals like a new exercise plan are key rather than big-picture ideas during Virgo season. This is also a time to make realistic decisions that will be fruitful in a couple of weeks.

Much like a dragonfly, through the new moon phase and beyond, be decisive, transformative, observant and really ready for good communication. Adaptability during the new moon phase (30 hours before and about 10 hours after) is a key term. Knowing what you truly value and how it applies in your life is likely surfacing.

9-8 Mercury comes into a stronger power play, triggering areas around knowledge, learning, and communication. Discovering what was not known should bring a lot of attention around this date. The moon will be in a transit with Vesta and Venus leaving an energy of sacrifice and a need to face a difficult loss.

9-15 Mars leaves Virgo and the moon now is reaching Pluto. Mars moving out eases all the fiery tension. Pluto however may bring in an unavoidable event. Mars trines Pluto in Capricorn which further highlights a mindset of wanting to understand your soul’s mission. It’s a passionate and transformative time for one’s body, energy and understanding what feels best is right.

9-17 Moon reaches Saturn creating a strong energy and showing what is real, rational and what does not overcomplicate matters. This is likely a time when decisions made are being realized. Astrologers point out that this is the second Air-element trine in a row (most recently was the full moon in Aquarius). It is a pivotal time when what one agrees to is for the long-term.

9-20 Full moon in Pisces shows that from the new moon phase until now, being authentic without pretenses will reap good energy. Take care in all relations. Follow- through will be tested so maintain focus. Have good time-management skills all month.

9-23 Mercury retrograde goes into affect in the sign of Libra which may reveal something that rocks you a bit. You may feel challenged and that the situation is lacking fairness.

Mercury blows through as a messenger and agent for both sides making balanced decisions more difficult but possible through excellent listening and sharing. Venus moves into 25 degrees of Libra which indicates this likely involves an important relationship.

Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy ™️

As you go through September keep these qualities in mind about the dragonfly highlighted by Cassidy. It urges you to kickstart the changes in your life necessary to move forward. Ride the winds of change. Allow yourself to take a break and move in a more positive direction. In moving through the midst of change, you’ll find your true power. Peace. ✌️©️

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