I Survived the Full Moon

Typically I’ll do something out of character (one person followed my behavior on a calendar- controlling but true) around a full moon phase.

I must clarify that I’ve done nothing criminal or dangerous but certainly behave more in “over-drive” about everything. As Astrologer Ablas Roland Legrand did warn, it’s not a good time to over-react, miscommunicate or “do anything you may regret at month’s end.” I think about that ever day.

I’m a Cancerian, born at night, who is greatly influenced by moon cycles. I do wish I’d learned more about astrology sooner. Day and night charts can vary greatly (depending on your birth time). If you know your birth time, check out this aspect of your natal chart. Different planets benefit those with “day charts,” while others are better for those with “night charts.”

The Fall Equinox Is Upon Us

On the 20th, Libra season begins and heralds in the fall Equinox. The full moon is cycling out of Pisces and quickly into Aries. This is going to feel a bit more energetic, yet the fall equinox vibration of this Libra season will slow things down around the 22nd. It may be hard to be decisive. With many planets in retrograde, we all may feel like we are lagging behind and lacking energy.

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“You can’t see your reflection in running water, only when it is still,” Bracha Goldsmith, Astrologer, reminds us. Many aspects at this timepoints to releasing the old and allowing in the new. Let stillness bring in a heightened sense of intuition about new experiences coming.

In the coming days Venus will move into 25° of Libra squaring Pluto. This occurs at the same time Mercury retrogrades at 25° of Libra, then to 10° of Libra. Astrologer Molly McCord indicated this will create a strong, “back and forth energy… with a strong sense of push and pull in situations, decisions and relationships.” Mercury retrograding in Libra (Sept. 27) may possibly create a “….situation or event that rocks you and feels unfair,” McCord said in a recent podcast.

Venus is known for bringing attention to one’s self-value, as well as old patterns to release. The areas Venus brings most attention to include love, beauty and money. At this particular time, Venus is moving into the sign of Capricorn which may heighten work relations and discussions more than other areas of daily life. Allow healing for yourself and don’t struggle “swimming upstream.” Mars and Venus are both switching signs mid-month, which will add a heightened focus on relationships in general.

Retrogrades, Past Relations and Getting Things Right

I had several people re-cross my path with apologies recently. The apologies and energy felt satisfying. I tried everything to avoid these people yet the universe put them right in my face with discussions that were both enlightening and beneficial. Astrological aspects indicate this may occur for you too, particularly with Mercury in retrograde until October 18th.

Additionally, there are seven planets in retrograde. Planets do move backwards and it’s part of the cycle of things. While seven moving backwards at one time is unusual to say the least, the seven are considered outer planets with somewhat less impact yet still strong. The planets and dates of retrograde endings include: Pluto until Oct. 6; Saturn until Oct. 10; Jupiter until Oct. 18; Neptune until Dec. 1; Venus until January 1, 2022; Mars until January 1, 2022; Uranus until January 2022.

Retrogrades tend to move us to look inside ourselves and provide us with transformative opportunities. While Mercury retrogrades are frequent and famous for leading us to dropping, misplacing and breaking things, this is also a good time to get things right.

Mars in retrograde is tough because this planet typically drives our energy and vitality. In retrograde, lethargic energy may test us, so again take time to focus on a healthy lifestyle, heightened awareness, balanced discussions and and open mind to new opportunities coming. Remember it will be easier to reflect and be decisive when coming from a place of balance and calmness.


Ablas Roland Legrand, Astrology For A Better Life http://www.youtube.com/c/ABLASROLANDLEGRAND

Molly McCord http://www.MollyMcCord.online

Bracha Goldsmith http://www.youtube.com/c/BarbaraGoldsmithastrologer

This is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional advice or guide any decisions. EAD Creations ©, 2021. For intuitive readings, check out my channel on YouTube at Truitt Intuitive Connections™.

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