July: Five Things to Keep in Mind As New Moon Transits to Full Moon

Astrology Oracle Cards by Lunaea Weatherstone, Andrea Castelli

Today and moving into tomorrow, the new moon cycles through the sign of Cancer which is its home. By the 24th, a full moon will be in the house of Aquarius.

Cancer brings in an energy of gentleness. Don’t rush anything and use this time to gain insight in any area of your life that’s toxic, holding you back or unhealthy.

This new moon heralds in an understanding of what you need to let go, what to improve, and how to connect the body, mind and soul. It’s a time many will feel more intuitive, more emotional and more deeply connected to nature. It’s a really good time to get do things outside to aid in feeling balanced and grounded. Exercise is key.

On the 24th of the month the full moon will be in the sign of Aquarius – a sign of mysticism. This will add to your understanding of deeper truths, intuitive powers, and how to let go of what’s not aligned in your life for the best, highest energy that you need.

Here are five thoughts to help align your mind body and soul through this particular lunar cycle.

1. Inner cleansing. This is a time to let go of habits, misinformation, old patterns and even bad diets. Let go of anything that lowers your vibration and try to download supportive thoughts. Meditation is always a great tool for focusing on raising your vibration.

2. Relationship cleansing. With heightened awareness this is a good time to purge toxic relationships. Try to mirror the best in you so that those around you mirror back similar traits. If they don’t, consider the difficult task of letting go of those relationships. Try to mirror inspiration, transformation and love and embrace the greatness you’ll receive.

3. Train your imagination. If you want to truly manifest some thing you need to visualize it, imagine it first. Use the power of your imagination to increase the energy so dreams have space to become goals. Cleanse the past so you can be aware of what is truly present right now in your mind, body and soul. Use your imagination to move towards a deeper awakening within you, and an understanding of the world around you for clarity.

4. Own and grow from weaknesses. This is the time to understand what your weaknesses are and work through them. Everything happens for a reason so embrace it and learn what you may improve within yourself. Doing this will help you tap into you’re deeper self, gain wisdom and power to lift your energy.

5. Align with your thoughts. Once you have a true understanding of strengths and weaknesses, you’ll feel better balanced. You will be in alignment with your intuition, thoughts, and emotions so you can go through the rest of the month in harmony, gently and slowly — that’s the Cancerian energy at play.

Research for this astrology update was used from the following resources:

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