July’s Astrology — BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT

New moon in Cancer: cards by Yasmin Roland and art by Nyx Rowan.

Happy birthday Moon Children. It’s an amazing time to be a water sign. For all signs, it’s time to seize the moment but check out these dates first.

Much like the universal law of attraction and manifestation, the astrological configuration in July will lead you to a more spiritual way of viewing life. Be realistic but don’t hesitate to let go and grab on to something new.

Here are highlights gathered from several sources which are linked at the end.

7-10: New moon in Cancer at 1:18 am (GMT) Universal time. The moon will be moving through the sign of Cancer for about 2.5 days. Cancer represents family, emotions , and nurturing aspects, and is the home of the Moon. This adds to a mix of planets transiting through their respective “homes.” This is explained more below. Cancer season is known to herald in family gatherings, barbecues, sports and travel. Emotions will be intense though. Keep a strict balance and don’t sulk or get overly emotional.

7-12: Moon transits into Leo and at the same time Pluto’s effects will begin to be felt. Pluto represents what we need to abandon; what to let go of and start anew. Saturn is also in play which is a reminder to keep your morals intact. While you may be highly motivated to make a move, hesitations can be felt. Furthermore, with the moon transiting through Cancer emotions are high. All of this can trigger strong love or hate reactions later in the month.

Full moon in Leo: cards by Yasmin Roland and art by Nyx Rowan.

Take note around the 15th to carefully analyze what you believe in before you act. If there’s a time to hold on, be patient and not act, it’s around these days. Factors are at play that may make you question the “health” of a person, place or thing. Follow your gut and proven facts then the decisions will resolve. Health can be physical, mental, the state of a relationship, etc. Do be careful but do not be extreme in your decisions.

7-24: Full moon in Aquarius and the sun is transitioning into the sign of Leo — it’s home. This is a strong, joyful, fire energy. Neptune is in its happy home of Pisces (2012-2026) which is a nice touch for water signs. Neptune is known to be a disruptive energy which those born under the sign of Pisces may have particularly felt.

Happy to be home: Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer and Mercury in Gemini all create an atmosphere of spiritualness where you’re more apt to think beyond Earthly matters.

7-28: As July ends, the moon will reach Neptune. Venus will add a very strong sense of love and creativity to embrace, and from which to grow.

Follow your intuition this month without overreacting and you’ll be quite proud of yourself, your growth and accomplishments.

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yadmin Boland

Thank you and references to: Abalas Roland Legrand at http://abalas-astrology.com http://astrologypodcast.com

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