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Inspiring thoughts in trying times.

I’ve pulled together some of the highlights featured in the 8/8 August Astrology blog. Notes from the blog are bulleted below. A few more notes of what actually transpired globally… and the dramatic correlations are listed here. It’s eye-opening but often this insight is divinely delivered and “written in the stars” so-to-speak.

This information is a reflection of the knowledge the expert astrologers have and insights provided to assist in leading an aware existence in which growth may thrive during adversity. Several resources are listed at the end of this blog.

🪐August 8th and days following: Uranus, known for change, is in a squared aspect to the sun which some astrologers say points to “unexpected changes” in our lives and quite likely in weather – electrifying weather patterns. There may be intense energy resulting in meteorological, environmental or other aspects that possibly enforces compulsory requirements personally or on a larger scale.

🪐August 20-21: Uranus (in sign of Taurus) will begin a squared-transit with Saturn, sun and moon. When this square transit is in conjunction with the lunar cycle, astrologers predict big conflicts will likely begin or intensify. Saturn represents the past, the old, traditions. Uranus represents the young, the new, the future. It is significant that the energy between the two planets is in vast, stark difference and conflict with each other.

What Really Happened

Since August 8th, surprising weather catastrophes have occurred including the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on the 13th that has killed more than 1,941 souls in Haiti and injured at least 9,900. This comes at a time when the country and it’s people are already politically, physically and emotionally imploding in chaos.

This extreme weather swiftly followed the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise on July 7th. The events have left Haiti at a loss of any government control or support, shelter, protection, food or medicines. Moise was elected in 2016. Ariel Henry has been the acting President since July 20th, however every source reports extreme distress.

A longtime friend of mine living in Miami texted that, “God must hate Haiti.” I replied, “God doesn’t hate.”

Pray for the souls, living, lost and struggling in fear and excessive rain (from multiple tropical storms affecting numerous areas in and around the Gulf of Mexico).

In the US, tropical storms are continuously popping up, as are multiple heat waves in the west and in eastern cities like New York. Additionally in the west, including Northern California and Oregon, fires are blazing this summer.

According to the New York Times, August 2nd, the “Bootleg fire in Oregon that first sparked a month ago, continues to burn. It’s already the third largest in the state since 1900.”

More shocking news unfolded almost at the same time in Afghanistan (August 12th). Afghanistan, it’s people and protectors, was abruptly abandoned.

“Taliban sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses,” read the Associated Press headline on August 15th. The world saw people falling from planes in the skies to escape in an uncanny, biblical scene.

To date, approximately 86,000 people (from several countries currently in the region) are on a United States military list to be rescued and governments are scrambling to stabilize the chaos. Reportedly, about 1,200 Americans have been moved out of harm.

Finally, constraints were mentioned by the astrologists which in August 2021 is evident by: a return to masks in many areas; vaccine discussions so loud it’s hard to escape the noise; hospitals (in some states in the US and countries world-wide) are inundated again; travel in some areas is again in jeopardy.

Hold On, There Is Good News: Believe in the Impossible

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmine Boland

This is the Age of Aquarius which beckons in innovation, intuition, creativity, digital expression and expansion, and other energy that benefits all. The moon in Aquarius means being receptive to fast, “out- there” frequencies.

A full moon in Aquarius lets us see inspiring solutions to problems with an enthusiastic awakening possibly not felt in some time, personally and/or collectively.

August 22 brings in the full moon, a rare Blue Moon, in the sign of Aquarius. According to, there are four full moons in the summer of 2021.

The third, on the 22nd, is called a Blue Moon as referenced long ago in the Maine Farmers’ Almanac. According to the article by Joe Ram, Skywatching columnist, the next Blue Moon will occur again August 30, 2023.

As the saying goes, some things only happen “once in a blue moon.” Stay positive, focused, hopeful and seize your opportunities. Please send prayers, positive thoughts and healing vibes to all, globally, suffering and in need of strength. Peace. ✌️©️

Ablas Roland Legrand

Molly McCord

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