Lost Art of the Handshake Turns to the Foot-shake

The handshake is widely believed in history to have begun as a gesture of peace (displaying no weapon) or as a symbolic gesture of a promise, as well as a way to introduce oneself in our times. According to Wikipedia, the World Health Organization and the CDC and other online sources, handshakes are known toContinue reading “Lost Art of the Handshake Turns to the Foot-shake”

Special Report: Customer Lifestyle Value Scores, Privacy, and Concerns

Correctly known as the Customer Lifestyle Value (CLV) Score, this number is used in every aspect of daily life. A CLV Score… — Read on http://www.tampafp.com/special-report-customer-lifestyle-value-scores-privacy-and-concerns/

Where Do All the Boxes Go?

Plans for Port of Tampa to be part of the solution. Barbara Smith wrote in the Business Insider in August that cardboard is the “beige gold,” and globally criminals are making millions as e-commerce booms. This and other changes are strangling recycling systems and the profits of companies and local authorities. Recycling has not escapedContinue reading “Where Do All the Boxes Go?”

Navigating the Way Out

Tampa Bay — (previously published May 2020; much is now open but not cruising). Recommendations from around the country and state include the following standard practices we can expect to see and maintain. Masks In Hillsborough County wearing face masks is strongly encouraged but not mandated in high-traffic areas particularly where public distancing is notContinue reading “Navigating the Way Out”