US State Department Price Said What? Astrology Experts Have Better Answers!

The astrology this week is astonishing and I’m eager to link this with news because the predictions are spot on accurate.

First, let’s review what I witnessed coming from the US State Department press briefing today. I’m stunned (at the stonewalling) but thanks to astrologers not surprised.

Ned Price discussing Chinese possibly backing of Russian economy and escalated war

I tuned into the live briefing as Ned Price said, “This is a pivotal point in Russia’s finances and their urgent, last minute negotiations with China for support will clearly escalate this war.”

Price added that Russia is in “dire straits with the Ruble … umm … is basically worthless at less than a penny.” Its predicted the country will have a complete financial meltdown by Wednesday.

It also appears, based on State Department details provided in the briefing, if China backs Russia, this war is officially going global.

Price tried to say the two countries don’t have the GDP to compete. He neglected to mention China controls more than 60 percent of the world’s grain – food. Yes, China controls a lot and perhaps the combined GDP of both is lower than the NATO allies, but the State Department left out so much information trying to pacify reporters.

More questions that he would not directly answer make your mouth drop. When asked about the 81 civil rights activists executed on March 12th, he said, “We’ve raised concerns.” The reporter literally asked, “That’s it?”

The State Department backs their efforts and “UN Special Envoy” to get American civilians held captive in Tehran and Moscow. He didn’t mention Afghanistan. He failed to answer questions about missle attacks on India.

He stated several times we are in a nuclear crisis. Also here is the official statement on the Iranian crisis.

Wow! So, what does this have to do with astrology?

Here are what the major planets are doing now, through March 30 and well into November. To begin, we are in an unusual “all planets direct” phase. Mercury for example goes retrograde three times a year as do others so “all direct” and for three months is rarely seen.

Strong full moon energy hits us on the 17th. Combine this with Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Saturn all move into a cluster. According to astrologer Rick Levine (one of many underscoring these historical times), “this creates a condensation of intense energy and … uncomfortable positions … in an astrological chart.”

Information copyright Rick Levine

“The energy and lack of distance between these planets creates … profound changes and the ability to have powerful, evolutionary change,” Levine said in his monthly YouTube podcast.

He explained – on point – that the power of Pluto is at play which can be very dark and sinister. Mars is the God of War. Uranus brings on sudden, typically not well-thought-out changes.

Mercury, which rules communication, is flying fast and reaches a half-square with Pluto – not great but it gives hope to those speaking against Russian aggression. “There’s a deep desire for new and different paths, ideas, freedoms.”

Saturn aligns with old ways, rules, oppression in a bad way, traditions in a good way. Either way, Saturn’s energy pushes back big time. And as we all are witnessing, there are global financial and food crises occurring which all can correlate with the astrology and astronomy movements tracked for today and charted throughout history.

Jupiter and Neptune are topping things off with “expansive energy around things that are not necessarily the truth,” Astrologer Bracha Goldsmith said. She mentioned this in reference to the media as well as governments.

We are in the midst of a powerful, dynamic and, as Price did say, “an extremely important … key moment in time.” This is one statement we all can agree on. Peace ✌️

PS Here is a link for information about chemical warfare looming and a second link to an astrologer who is also an economist living in Greece..

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