Putler Did What Now?! Mars Ignites More War and Pluto Gets Sinister

March 9 – As predicted, moving through this new moon phase with Mars activated, Putin is on record for bombing a maternity ward today.

The number of civilians murdered, executed, and children, animals bombed – destroyed – mounts every second.

Also, he is responsible for cutting power to Chernobyl. Power down at Chernobyl puts the cooling mechanisms out of service which may or can lead to a meltdown.

Putin speaks of wanting more peace talks (Mercury – ruler of communication – is flying through the sign of Pisces). It indicates that these are pipe dream discussions once again meant to trick and manipulate. It’s a common stall tactic of Putin while he plans to reengage.

Ukrainian sources say the “…the element of surprise is over and we remain ready. We feel he will make another explosive push soon but Ukrainians are not going to give into genocide.” @xenasolo – an amazing woman reporting daily on TikTok and Twitter. Please note there are many Xena impersonators. Validate your sources.

These are just two examples to observe as astrology and real-time events unfold each day unfortunately, many as predicted.

Be good to one another. Fight the urge to add to the combative energy. Peace ✌️

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