Astrologers Predictions on Point and Why Social Media Gets A Win

Here’s a brief overview of why this month and through April we need to collectively pray, mediate, and prepare.

Pluto and Mars are doing a planetary dance in Capricorn that doesn’t happen often (1992 Rodney King riots; 1962 – Cuban missile crisis; 1934 – Hitler’s rise to power). These planets also play major roles is Putin’s natal chart, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s second house of family and in her area of health.

According to every astrologer I can find, his natal chart and timing indicates Putin’s huge desire to leave a legacy. They also strongly believe there is something wrong with him and the time is now. Combine this with a universal, planetary push to radical change and decisions, this is an incredibly shaky time.

As many describe, Pluto and Mars may result in an energy of coercion and subversive actions. It sends dark, dominating, nasty, and violent, warrior-type energy. Basically, Mars is god of war. It’s fiery, red and generally brings extreme energy to a situation.

Pluto is the farthest planet out and is ruler of the underworld. It’s dark, emotional and strange. As you can see, the combination is undoubtedly a scary pair. Add that to someone’s birth chart (Putin) and – you get the picture. Shaky hands on a button!

Also highlighted with the brightest yellow Sharpie pen is the fact that this is the first time Pluto returns to the USA natal chart since the revolutionary times of 1774-76 and after. The energy stays for some time.

March came in with Chernobyl and a second nuclear power plant in Ukraine seized. Putin continues to send troops (mostly confused teenagers) to kill innocent civilians – many children in hospitals and orphanages, as well as residential sites. Meanwhile Ukrainians push back to keep their life and liberty. They’ve become super heroes for the world.

Another prediction by most astrologers has been the “rising voices of a younger generation,” similar to the 1960s and 70s. As we’ve wittnessed the world turn all eyes on Ukraine, the internet let truth shine. Not to be missed, Elon Musk’s power to provide connections through Starlink Internet Satellite Service is unprecedented.

Xenasolo – Ukrainian sharing real-time information. She is 28, has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and speaks six languages.

This time social media clearly helped spread awareness and debunk some Russian propaganda. Through social media, you can see the beginning of a great awakening – another Age of Aquarius – where people stand up to sinister energies and untrustworthy leaders.

The Russian propaganda machine is failing, ruining Putin’s great desire to be the cherished one. Instead, the world is watching President Zolinski soar in admiration and popularity. How angry will Putin be and how desperate for this legacy?

There is grave potential that he could unleash a dragon like the world has not seen. He’s already been labeled a war criminal. How far will he take it? Note this is, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Water Tiger (king of beasts in China and symbolic of strength, exorcising evils, luck, and braveness).

There is a chance to turn the tide so that Putin does not leave an even more horrific legacy than he just created on a world stage. There is power in prayer. There is power in universal love. There is power in freedom. Be diligent. Pray. Peace. #astrology #plutoreturn #marsandwar

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