US State Department Price Said What? Astrology Experts Have Better Answers!

The astrology this week is astonishing and I’m eager to link this with news because the predictions are spot on accurate.

First, let’s review what I witnessed coming from the US State Department press briefing today. I’m stunned (at the stonewalling) but thanks to astrologers not surprised.

Ned Price discussing Chinese possibly backing of Russian economy and escalated war

I tuned into the live briefing as Ned Price said, “This is a pivotal point in Russia’s finances and their urgent, last minute negotiations with China for support will clearly escalate this war.”

Price added that Russia is in “dire straits with the Ruble … umm … is basically worthless at less than a penny.” Its predicted the country will have a complete financial meltdown by Wednesday.

It also appears, based on State Department details provided in the briefing, if China backs Russia, this war is officially going global.

Price tried to say the two countries don’t have the GDP to compete. He neglected to mention China controls more than 60 percent of the world’s grain – food. Yes, China controls a lot and perhaps the combined GDP of both is lower than the NATO allies, but the State Department left out so much information trying to pacify reporters.

More questions that he would not directly answer make your mouth drop. When asked about the 81 civil rights activists executed on March 12th, he said, “We’ve raised concerns.” The reporter literally asked, “That’s it?”

The State Department backs their efforts and “UN Special Envoy” to get American civilians held captive in Tehran and Moscow. He didn’t mention Afghanistan. He failed to answer questions about missle attacks on India.

He stated several times we are in a nuclear crisis. Also here is the official statement on the Iranian crisis.

Wow! So, what does this have to do with astrology?

Here are what the major planets are doing now, through March 30 and well into November. To begin, we are in an unusual “all planets direct” phase. Mercury for example goes retrograde three times a year as do others so “all direct” and for three months is rarely seen.

Strong full moon energy hits us on the 17th. Combine this with Mercury, Pluto, Uranus, Mars and Saturn all move into a cluster. According to astrologer Rick Levine (one of many underscoring these historical times), “this creates a condensation of intense energy and … uncomfortable positions … in an astrological chart.”

Information copyright Rick Levine

“The energy and lack of distance between these planets creates … profound changes and the ability to have powerful, evolutionary change,” Levine said in his monthly YouTube podcast.

He explained – on point – that the power of Pluto is at play which can be very dark and sinister. Mars is the God of War. Uranus brings on sudden, typically not well-thought-out changes.

Mercury, which rules communication, is flying fast and reaches a half-square with Pluto – not great but it gives hope to those speaking against Russian aggression. “There’s a deep desire for new and different paths, ideas, freedoms.”

Saturn aligns with old ways, rules, oppression in a bad way, traditions in a good way. Either way, Saturn’s energy pushes back big time. And as we all are witnessing, there are global financial and food crises occurring which all can correlate with the astrology and astronomy movements tracked for today and charted throughout history.

Jupiter and Neptune are topping things off with “expansive energy around things that are not necessarily the truth,” Astrologer Bracha Goldsmith said. She mentioned this in reference to the media as well as governments.

We are in the midst of a powerful, dynamic and, as Price did say, “an extremely important … key moment in time.” This is one statement we all can agree on. Peace ✌️

PS Here is a link for information about chemical warfare looming and a second link to an astrologer who is also an economist living in Greece..

Putler Did What Now?! Mars Ignites More War and Pluto Gets Sinister

March 9 – As predicted, moving through this new moon phase with Mars activated, Putin is on record for bombing a maternity ward today.

The number of civilians murdered, executed, and children, animals bombed – destroyed – mounts every second.

Also, he is responsible for cutting power to Chernobyl. Power down at Chernobyl puts the cooling mechanisms out of service which may or can lead to a meltdown.

Putin speaks of wanting more peace talks (Mercury – ruler of communication – is flying through the sign of Pisces). It indicates that these are pipe dream discussions once again meant to trick and manipulate. It’s a common stall tactic of Putin while he plans to reengage.

Ukrainian sources say the “…the element of surprise is over and we remain ready. We feel he will make another explosive push soon but Ukrainians are not going to give into genocide.” @xenasolo – an amazing woman reporting daily on TikTok and Twitter. Please note there are many Xena impersonators. Validate your sources.

These are just two examples to observe as astrology and real-time events unfold each day unfortunately, many as predicted.

Be good to one another. Fight the urge to add to the combative energy. Peace ✌️

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Astrologers Predictions on Point and Why Social Media Gets A Win

Here’s a brief overview of why this month and through April we need to collectively pray, mediate, and prepare.

Pluto and Mars are doing a planetary dance in Capricorn that doesn’t happen often (1992 Rodney King riots; 1962 – Cuban missile crisis; 1934 – Hitler’s rise to power). These planets also play major roles is Putin’s natal chart, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s second house of family and in her area of health.

According to every astrologer I can find, his natal chart and timing indicates Putin’s huge desire to leave a legacy. They also strongly believe there is something wrong with him and the time is now. Combine this with a universal, planetary push to radical change and decisions, this is an incredibly shaky time.

As many describe, Pluto and Mars may result in an energy of coercion and subversive actions. It sends dark, dominating, nasty, and violent, warrior-type energy. Basically, Mars is god of war. It’s fiery, red and generally brings extreme energy to a situation.

Pluto is the farthest planet out and is ruler of the underworld. It’s dark, emotional and strange. As you can see, the combination is undoubtedly a scary pair. Add that to someone’s birth chart (Putin) and – you get the picture. Shaky hands on a button!

Also highlighted with the brightest yellow Sharpie pen is the fact that this is the first time Pluto returns to the USA natal chart since the revolutionary times of 1774-76 and after. The energy stays for some time.

March came in with Chernobyl and a second nuclear power plant in Ukraine seized. Putin continues to send troops (mostly confused teenagers) to kill innocent civilians – many children in hospitals and orphanages, as well as residential sites. Meanwhile Ukrainians push back to keep their life and liberty. They’ve become super heroes for the world.

Another prediction by most astrologers has been the “rising voices of a younger generation,” similar to the 1960s and 70s. As we’ve wittnessed the world turn all eyes on Ukraine, the internet let truth shine. Not to be missed, Elon Musk’s power to provide connections through Starlink Internet Satellite Service is unprecedented.

Xenasolo – Ukrainian sharing real-time information. She is 28, has a Master’s Degree in Political Science and speaks six languages.

This time social media clearly helped spread awareness and debunk some Russian propaganda. Through social media, you can see the beginning of a great awakening – another Age of Aquarius – where people stand up to sinister energies and untrustworthy leaders.

The Russian propaganda machine is failing, ruining Putin’s great desire to be the cherished one. Instead, the world is watching President Zolinski soar in admiration and popularity. How angry will Putin be and how desperate for this legacy?

There is grave potential that he could unleash a dragon like the world has not seen. He’s already been labeled a war criminal. How far will he take it? Note this is, according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the Water Tiger (king of beasts in China and symbolic of strength, exorcising evils, luck, and braveness).

There is a chance to turn the tide so that Putin does not leave an even more horrific legacy than he just created on a world stage. There is power in prayer. There is power in universal love. There is power in freedom. Be diligent. Pray. Peace. #astrology #plutoreturn #marsandwar

Thanking A Veteran – In Honor of Major Anthony Davis

Take time to ask and give thanks.
EAD Creations ™️

November 6, 2021 — Retired U.S. Army Major Charlie Buntin joined the Army at 17. He served distinctly with the 1st Infantry, the 101st Airborne Division, and the 1st Cavalry Division as an engineer during his 22-year career.

Like all veterans, he has lost friends and team members, experienced the bad days, guilt, the pride he has and respect he deserves.

He often speaks of his friend and brother-in-arms, Master Sergeant Anthony Davis who was part of a military transition team helping train Iraqi battalion-level teams. Master Sergeant Davis was part of an infantry operations engagement mission, dropping toys and school supplies to kids in the local area.

According to Major Buntin, these transition teams were part of “heart and mind operations” where Iraqi soldiers are trained to have positive interaction and support with the locals, with a minimal U.S. presence.

“The point, too, was to give credit to the Iraqi soldiers.” For this reason, Buntin’s operational team was not present the day the toys were being delivered.

“One of the Iraqi soldiers was actually an Al-Qaeda member at the time. As the drop off of supplies was occurring, the Iraqi soldier aimed his rifle at the Commanding Officer. Master Sergeant Davis saw the rifle, jumped in front of him and took a bullet to the chest, killing him,” Major Buntin explained.

“This was Davis’ last deployment. He already had filed his retirement paperwork but pulled it just to go on this mission. Because of the low-level U.S. presence, I wasn’t there to act in my protective role which naturally leaves you with guilt,” he said.

It is this story and many others that need to be shared and honored, as Buntin does every day in one form or another. As co-owner of Cigars On The Boulevard in Apollo Beach, FL, he brings a lot of energy and effort into supporting the community, businesses and people.

One venue he uses daily for this is a Facebook live broadcast, “We Drink, We Smoke, We Talk,” where he features local businesses, events, interviews, humor and “tangents” as he likes to say. One recent tangent was about his viewpoint on thanking a veteran.

“Don’t haphazardly thank someone for their service. That doesn’t mean anything. When you sit down and say…
‘How are you doing today sir? I see you’re wearing an Army hat. What did you do in the Army?’
‘I was an engineer officer.’
‘Interesting, well, thank you for your service as an engineer officer.’

“That actually means something to me because you took two seconds to get to know who I am. Just saying thank you for your service and going about your day is just patting yourself on the back. I don’t want to seem unappreciative for someone thanking me for my service, but it is so much more genuine when someone asks a bit about how you served and what you did. It makes me more appreciative of the thank you.”

Major Buntin continued, “I don’t need you to know in-depth everything I went through, every friend I’ve lost, or every bad day I’ve had but just saying something like, “Hey, you were in the Army…that’s really cool…thank you for your service.”

“At that point, that means something because you honestly took a moment to actually get to know me a little bit better.”

Check out Charlie’s “We Drink, We Smoke, We Talk,” on FaceBook under Cigars On The Boulevard for updates on Veterans’ Day events, interesting cigar chat and a lot of community support. Email:

What I do When I Can’t Write – Share 🪐

First, I need to stop complaining and tell you I’m grateful to share this. Second, on with my venting.

The overall energy has been chaotic. I can barely catch my breath let alone be creative. Several planets are in direct motion now while a couple keep shifting back and forth. Normally I’d explain as much as possible from wonderful resources but…

I’ve been fatigued, blocked and then full throttle open energy. Too much information, downloads, energy and endings are leaving me overwhelmed. There has been great news, bad news, good vibes and horrible facts of life – personally and collectively.

Have you been feeling similar? All positive and negative news is welcome. Communication is key.

Until I fix this temporary, internal communication issue, here’s an insightful article from which references NASA for much of the information (can’t call it mystic when science, planets and the universe is at work).

Peace ✌️

I Survived the Full Moon

Typically I’ll do something out of character (one person followed my behavior on a calendar- controlling but true) around a full moon phase.

I must clarify that I’ve done nothing criminal or dangerous but certainly behave more in “over-drive” about everything. As Astrologer Ablas Roland Legrand did warn, it’s not a good time to over-react, miscommunicate or “do anything you may regret at month’s end.” I think about that ever day.

I’m a Cancerian, born at night, who is greatly influenced by moon cycles. I do wish I’d learned more about astrology sooner. Day and night charts can vary greatly (depending on your birth time). If you know your birth time, check out this aspect of your natal chart. Different planets benefit those with “day charts,” while others are better for those with “night charts.”

The Fall Equinox Is Upon Us

On the 20th, Libra season begins and heralds in the fall Equinox. The full moon is cycling out of Pisces and quickly into Aries. This is going to feel a bit more energetic, yet the fall equinox vibration of this Libra season will slow things down around the 22nd. It may be hard to be decisive. With many planets in retrograde, we all may feel like we are lagging behind and lacking energy.

Information and photos by EAD Creations©

“You can’t see your reflection in running water, only when it is still,” Bracha Goldsmith, Astrologer, reminds us. Many aspects at this timepoints to releasing the old and allowing in the new. Let stillness bring in a heightened sense of intuition about new experiences coming.

In the coming days Venus will move into 25° of Libra squaring Pluto. This occurs at the same time Mercury retrogrades at 25° of Libra, then to 10° of Libra. Astrologer Molly McCord indicated this will create a strong, “back and forth energy… with a strong sense of push and pull in situations, decisions and relationships.” Mercury retrograding in Libra (Sept. 27) may possibly create a “….situation or event that rocks you and feels unfair,” McCord said in a recent podcast.

Venus is known for bringing attention to one’s self-value, as well as old patterns to release. The areas Venus brings most attention to include love, beauty and money. At this particular time, Venus is moving into the sign of Capricorn which may heighten work relations and discussions more than other areas of daily life. Allow healing for yourself and don’t struggle “swimming upstream.” Mars and Venus are both switching signs mid-month, which will add a heightened focus on relationships in general.

Retrogrades, Past Relations and Getting Things Right

I had several people re-cross my path with apologies recently. The apologies and energy felt satisfying. I tried everything to avoid these people yet the universe put them right in my face with discussions that were both enlightening and beneficial. Astrological aspects indicate this may occur for you too, particularly with Mercury in retrograde until October 18th.

Additionally, there are seven planets in retrograde. Planets do move backwards and it’s part of the cycle of things. While seven moving backwards at one time is unusual to say the least, the seven are considered outer planets with somewhat less impact yet still strong. The planets and dates of retrograde endings include: Pluto until Oct. 6; Saturn until Oct. 10; Jupiter until Oct. 18; Neptune until Dec. 1; Venus until January 1, 2022; Mars until January 1, 2022; Uranus until January 2022.

Retrogrades tend to move us to look inside ourselves and provide us with transformative opportunities. While Mercury retrogrades are frequent and famous for leading us to dropping, misplacing and breaking things, this is also a good time to get things right.

Mars in retrograde is tough because this planet typically drives our energy and vitality. In retrograde, lethargic energy may test us, so again take time to focus on a healthy lifestyle, heightened awareness, balanced discussions and and open mind to new opportunities coming. Remember it will be easier to reflect and be decisive when coming from a place of balance and calmness.


Ablas Roland Legrand, Astrology For A Better Life

Molly McCord

Bracha Goldsmith

This is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to replace professional advice or guide any decisions. EAD Creations ©, 2021. For intuitive readings, check out my channel on YouTube at Truitt Intuitive Connections™.