What I do When I Can’t Write – Share 🪐

First, I need to stop complaining and tell you I’m grateful to share this. Second, on with my venting.

The overall energy has been chaotic. I can barely catch my breath let alone be creative. Several planets are in direct motion now while a couple keep shifting back and forth. Normally I’d explain as much as possible from wonderful resources but…

I’ve been fatigued, blocked and then full throttle open energy. Too much information, downloads, energy and endings are leaving me overwhelmed. There has been great news, bad news, good vibes and horrible facts of life – personally and collectively.

Have you been feeling similar? All positive and negative news is welcome. Communication is key.

Until I fix this temporary, internal communication issue, here’s an insightful article from Space.com which references NASA for much of the information (can’t call it mystic when science, planets and the universe is at work).


Peace ✌️

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