My First Friendsgiving

Did I really write my true age?!

I’m 53 and just experienced my first Friendsgiving! Admitting my age is unlike me but I’m learning to embrace the wisdom that comes with the growth and journey of life.

This picture says a thousands words. This is a mixed group of couples, singles, teenagers and babies coming together to give thanks for friendship and the bounty of blessings we have.

Somehow the men escaped the kitchen picture. Sunday football was on the outside patio of this inviting, waterside home. Who would blame them?

Our hosts are originally from Michigan where they learned a lot about loving family and friends. The more the merrier is something they truly believe.

Pictured here are just a few of the wonderful women who’ve become close along with our significant- others, and single friends. It is solely due to our upbeat hosts from Michigan that this tradition is now here for us!

The best part was just being there, being welcomed with warm hearts and happy thoughts. The food was amazing representing everyone’s favorites from the North, South, and even Peru. I ate collard greens for the first time, even though I’m a southern gal, and they were delicious. Now I know how incredible collard greens are. My mama was right!

For a multitude of reasons I’ve never had my very own holiday traditions although I’ve been surrounded by family which is a huge blessing.

I just never had my shot at it. When it came to traditions, I became a follower not a leader due to circumstances out of my control.

I’m blessed and I’m grateful regardless because I’ve survived many difficult holidays including a few involving divorce, cancer and loss.

Through these times I prayed and worked with all my heart to make the holidays special for my children. They are grown now and I can’t wait to see what traditions they bring.

But this gathering felt like it was for me – for us – to celebrate what it is to have cherished friends. It felt really, really good. It took the chill out of holiday blues.

I’m thankful to these special people for bringing a new Friendsgiving tradition into my life. I’m extremely grateful to you all!

PS TY Don Z ©️2019

Warm hearts ♥️


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