Only County with Four Top Beaches in US, Congratulations Pinellas!

Wednesday, Commission Vice Chair Charlie Justice, the Mayor of St. Pete Beach, Al Johnson, Mayor Hendrix from Madeira Beach, and community leaders gathered to receive awards for the area’s beautiful beaches. Also on hand was Carol Johnson from Trip Advisor, letting the community know that St. Pete Beach is the number one beach in the U.S.

Also of note, Madeira Beach is number nine making it the first time this area has made the top ten list of beaches. Treasure Island was ranked the 16th most popular with Clearwater Beach on the list at number 18.

Pinellas County is the only county in the country to have four beaches in the top 20 of Trip Advisors lists. It was made clear that the award of ranking is determined by those using the website and ranking beaches.

“There is also a save function used by those not ready to travel yet but who have marked favorite destinations with hearts. St. Pete Beach is the number one spot. When travel fully opens, St. Pete will truly be the number one beach destination,” Commissioner Justice explained. He added it was difficult to get back to work after spending the morning at these popular beaches on a beautiful day.

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