Cats Get It©️

Go ahead. Call me a crazy cat lady. What you may not know is I’ve been blessed to share my life with amazing horses, the best dogs, cats you can’t forget, birds that talk, and even geckos.

To walk a mile in my shoes, you’d learn how each one was and is unique. I won’t argue here which is the smarter (some are just plain dumb too).

Undoubtedly domesticated cats are very “in tune” to people and their environment.

Lovey, pictured above, was not only resting there because the dog was driving her nuts. She intuitively knew I was troubled, a bit sad.

My rescue cat preferred a metal pole more than a pillow as long as she was by me. On a deeper level, I was having a bad day and she knew it. The dog knew it. They all did.

That’s a big part of understanding animals. Understanding that they really do understand you. Not everyone has the same view point about pets but, “to each his own,” as they say.

I’m grateful to the joy they bring me. If you feel the same, I bet you feel blessed. Give them the same loyalty and care as they give you.

The sun rose the next day after Lovey slept on my head all night. Another slate wiped clean. The pets bounced around ready to great meet me and the day.

One can’t help but smile. Having animals in my life keeps me grounded, responsible and joyful.

When possible, donate to your local no-kill shelters or where you deem helpful. There are several in my area and beyond, including one assisting in Puerto Rico for the second time this February. (Comment request for info).

Wishing you pet love. Peace. ©️

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