I Need A Pedicure©️

When Kids Return to College, A Mom’s Perspective (Updated 1-9-19) My kids are very adept at packing. I raised them to be organized and due to divorce, they’ve had to pack. From a learning perspective, it’s been been a positive experience. They learned at young ages and became independent packers daily for school and anyContinue reading “I Need A Pedicure©️”

Making My Bed…Mama Made Me©️

Understanding Morning Grief Growing up it was instilled in me to immediately make my bed in the morning. The habit stuck and research shows doing this is very common among successful people. After experiencing breast cancer, various other surgeries and what I dub, “The year of death,” getting out of the bed was the goal.Continue reading “Making My Bed…Mama Made Me©️”

New Year Unveils Updated Cover Uncover the Experience

It was an exciting project creating Unbreakable Spirit with 12 amazing women. Our collective purpose is sharing our experiences, good and bad, in support of women. With gratitude to Sisterhood Folios, Creative Publishing, this book went to #1 Internationally. This exciting achievement is now included on the cover, updated by Creative Publishing, Carol Starr andContinue reading “New Year Unveils Updated Cover Uncover the Experience”

Time Is A Unifying Gift©️

Celebrating the passage of time is my favorite “holiday.” This is a time in which most desire blessed memories of what has passed, welcome the best of times, and pray for more time. Time: past, present and future. It’s not a religion, and it’s not a political view. Time is now and what we makeContinue reading “Time Is A Unifying Gift©️”

Five Women Walk in A Bar

Five attractive ladies walk in the bar. Two are besties forever (ok). Two can’t stop gossiping about the other three in front of them (truth). One is drinking to kill the drama (oh yes). My hope this new year and every year is friends will lift each other up instead of throwing each other overboard.Continue reading “Five Women Walk in A Bar”

Virtual Hugs to the Alone You

Merry Christmas to my friends reading today and throughout the New Year. I know in my soul that many are “home for the holidays,” but alone. Perhaps you are often alone. Many times it happens for very important, explainable reasons. Sometimes it’s just life. I’d love you to know you’re not alone. Love yourself todayContinue reading “Virtual Hugs to the Alone You”